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Cummins Engine Repairs

At XL Mechanical Service Ltd, we use only Cummins OE parts in all of our repairs, which guarantees that you get the highest quality parts for your Cummins engine. With a shop rate that is significantly lower than other shops and dealerships, we can save you money on your Cummins diesel engine repairs in Red Deer and area. We will even take on those tough jobs that others won’t even try.

Engine Rebuilding

Cummins engines are tough and built to last but they are only as good as the parts that go into them. As certified Cummins engine technicians we build all our engines using only genuine Cummins engine internal/external parts, seals and gaskets. Every assembly specification is adhered to or exceeded resulting in an engine that is an exact match to Cummins recon standards.


Cummins Engine parts, there is a difference

While you may save a little money upfront by purchasing non-genuine parts, it could cost you a lot more in the long run.  To prove this, Cummins engineers performed thorough analytical testing pitting Genuine Cummins parts against their non-genuine counterparts. Often, what you can’t see makes all the difference. Engine components must be accurate to specifications that can’t be discerned by the human eye. Precision design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and rigorous testing ensures that Genuine Cummins parts perform at Cummins factory-specified levels of efficiency, reliability and durability.

For Reliable Performance, Insist on Genuine Cummins Parts.

The difference between a Genuine Cummins part and a non-genuine part isn’t always easy to see. It can be something as small as a ring gap that’s a couple of millimeters too wide on a non-genuine part. In a Cummins engine, that small difference could result in less power, insufficient lubrication, poor fuel economy, premature wear and even catastrophic engine failure. Testing included visual inspection, critical measurements, materials analysis and parts chemistry analysis.

The following results demonstrate why Genuine Cummins parts are always better for your Cummins engine than non-genuine parts. “Who makes the best diesel engine?” and you’ll likely hear one name more than any other – Cummins. Here’s why…

Cummins Diesel Engine Rebuilding

Today there are a lot of people in the market of rebuilding diesel engines. If you ask they all have a story as to why their engine is the best. You will hear things like we have the best equipment, we use the best parts, we have the most experienced people, we live and breathe diesel, we have the longest warranty, we have the lowest price, we have the fastest truck with the most power and on and on.

What they won’t tell you is that equipment is only as good as the guy running it, they use jobber parts because there is more profit margin, they have auto mechanics not licensed diesel mechanics, they breathe diesel – we don’t think so, there are more ways to get out of a warranty than there is in honoring one, the low price is only to get you in the door then watch out and as far as fast trucks with the most power, who cares? They usually didn’t build that fast truck themselves but they sure are quick to call it their own.

So where do you go and who do you trust?  First how long has the shop been in business and second are they really the knowledgeable professionals they claim to be. When your asking questions is the representative able to answer you quickly and accurately so you understand or do they skirt around, confuse you with BS and you come away still unsure. Do they really put in the good quality parts or did they source some off shore knock offs. Does the mechanic really have a diesel ticket or do they just think they do because they studied Google and YouTube. Finally if there is an issue will they make it right or give you a bunch of excuses and show you out the door?

XL Mechanical Service Ltd. has been in the diesel business 36 years and our senior master mechanic has 45 years in the automotive and heavy duty diesel repair industry. We are Cummins diesel trained, certified and licensed and we only work on Dodge trucks with Cummins engines. When you call us you will speak with an actual mechanic that will be working on your vehicle rather than someone at the front desk that knows nothing and cares even less. No work is ever done unless authorized and you will fully understand why the repair is required, what will be involved and how to prevent failure in the future. Furthermore we educate truck owners on what their specific trucks maintenance and preventive maintenance requirements are. We build all our engines to meet and/or exceed Cummins recon specifications with all the latest improvements incorporated into every build. We only install Cummins OE parts and we pride ourselves in our knowledge of the product and the expertise of our work.  

We have seen just about every way imaginable that truck owners get taken advantage of, from engines that blow up shortly after rebuild, to oil burners, oil leakers, repeat failure, bad workmanship, failed parts, incorrect repairs, un-necessary repairs, a low estimate followed by a huge bill, the list is endless.

These shops come and they go but one thing remains the same, they all do poor work and charge plenty for it. Most times their big hourly labor rate is for unqualified personnel working on your high end diesel truck and you are not even aware of it.  If you looking for quality, old school customer service and repair, that’s what we provide and those values will never change. Call us for all your Dodge truck / Cummins engine repair needs.

Cummins 6.7 Variable Vane Turbos

Starting in 2007, 6.7 engine equipped Dodge trucks came with a variable vane turbo and while this turbo offered quick spool up and a built in exhaust brake, it also came with various problems due to design as well. Two turbo models are used; an HE351V is used in model years 2007 to 2012 and an HE300V from 2013 and up.

While similar in appearance they are quite different internally and cannot be interchanged. The electronic actuators that control the movement are also different.

Both turbos work very well when new but as each one gets some hours on them they start to have issues. First problem is that the vanes can start to stick internally as they are prone to carbon build up. How long this takes varies as idle time, driving habits and exhaust brake use all play a role in carbon build up. As the assembly starts to become harder to move it places extra load on the electronic actuator eventually causing it to burn out. Symptoms include sluggish acceleration, low power and a non functioning exhaust brake. Unfortunately when this occurs there is no real way of cleaning the internals without removal of the turbo and dis-assembly of all internal components. There are a few band aid cleaners out there but at best they only offer a temporary solution.

At XL Mechanical Service Ltd we have invested in the tools and equipment to repair or rebuild these turbos. We use genuine Holset rebuild kits in all our repairs, we stock the latest HD actuators with upgraded circuit boards and have various options for repair depending on the issue. We also carry repaired and pre-calibrated turbos as well as brand new ones so we can supply a turbo to meet any budget. If you own a 2007 or newer Dodge truck with this type of turbo then sooner or later you may have issues. Come see us with all your turbo needs, we have the tools, parts and knowledge to repair your turbo no matter what has happened.

Cummins Engine Performance

As a Cummins engine specialist, XL Mechanical Service Ltd. can provide the best performance and tuning solutions to maximize fuel economy and longevity for your truck.

Dodge Diesel Truck Repairs and Service

XL Mechanical Service Ltd. repairs all major components of the Dodge truck, including: brakes, steering, electrical, transfer case, transmission, and differentials. We also offer an 11 point service inspection to keep your truck running healthy.

Inspection includes:

  • Diagnostics Scan (Check for Codes and Data Stream)
  • Test Fuel Lift Pump Pressure and Flow
  • Test CP3 Maximum Pressure
  • Test Injector Return Flow
  • Measure Injector Resistance
  • Test Cylinder Contribution
  • Set Engine Valves
  • Check Turbo and Test Waste Gate Opening Pressure
  • Test Charge Air for Leaks
  • Measure Crankcase Pressure
  • Road Test

Pre-Buy Inspections

If you are considering buying a used Dodge diesel pickup truck, let XL Mechanical Service Ltd. give you peace of mind with a pre-buy inspection.

Our mechanics, with over 45 years of Dodge and Cummins experience, know what to look for and can advise you on the status of a used Dodge diesel truck before you commit to buying it.