Cummins 6.7 Variable Vane Turbos

Starting in 2007, 6.7 engine equipped Dodge trucks came with a variable vane turbo and while this turbo offered quick spool up and a built in exhaust brake, it also came with various problems due to design as well. Two turbo models are used; an HE351V is used in model years 2007 to 2012 and an HE300V from 2013 and up.

While similar in appearance they are quite different internally and cannot be interchanged. The electronic actuators that control the movement are also different.

Both turbos work very well when new but as each one gets some hours on them they start to have issues. First problem is that the vanes can start to stick internally as they are prone to carbon build up. How long this takes varies as idle time, driving habits and exhaust brake use all play a role in carbon build up. As the assembly starts to become harder to move it places extra load on the electronic actuator eventually causing it to burn out. Symptoms include sluggish acceleration, low power and a non functioning exhaust brake. Unfortunately when this occurs there is no real way of cleaning the internals without removal of the turbo and dis-assembly of all internal components. There are a few band aid cleaners out there but at best they only offer a temporary solution.

At XL Mechanical Service Ltd we have invested in the tools and equipment to repair or rebuild these turbos. We use genuine Holset rebuild kits in all our repairs, we stock the latest HD actuators with upgraded circuit boards and have various options for repair depending on the issue. We also carry repaired and pre-calibrated turbos as well as brand new ones so we can supply a turbo to meet any budget. If you own a 2007 or newer Dodge truck with this type of turbo then sooner or later you may have issues. Come see us with all your turbo needs, we have the tools, parts and knowledge to repair your turbo no matter what has happened.