Red Deer’s Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club

Vintage cars remind us of the “good old days”, when technology was not so advanced as it is today. The classy and distinctive collectable vehicles conquered the hearts of countless fans all over the world. Old or young, people still love to talk about their passion for antique automobiles. Clubs were founded all across the globe with the mission to inspire people who love these incredible cars. The Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club is one of them right here in Red Deer Alberta where many XL Mechanical Service Ltd‘s customers are from.

How Did It Start?

In 1965, Charlie Parker and Dale Saby founded the Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club, or CAVAC. Both were antique car enthusiasts that started the club by holding a meeting on October 6 of that year. They were surprised with the success of their first reunion, with another twenty antique car lovers showing up to share their experiences. Today, over 50 years later, the club is a success among car enthusiasts, with regular meetings and events. One thing is certain, Charlie and Dale never imagined their club would become so popular.

The Club’s Goal

The Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club was created with the purpose of promoting and expanding the interest in preserving and restoring antique and collectable vehicles, along with their accessories and other items associated with them. Moreover, the group plays an important social role upon the Canadian community of Red Deer, as it intends to unite people with similar interests, encouraging fellowship among all members, as well as their families.

The Events

Nothing is more exciting for admirers of antique vehicles than the opportunity to encounter other people that hold the same enthusiasm and passion for these remarkable machines. The Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club organizes annual events aimed at any person who loves antique cars, and everything related to them.
The Annual CAVAC Swap Meet
Every year for more than 50 years, the club’s executive officers organize a gathering that reunites all members of the club. Others also come, usually lead by their curiosity. This meeting includes opportunities to sell and buy items rare pieces from antique vehicles that are usually hard to find anywhere else. Either these objects can be used to assemble cars, as decorative pieces, or simply to be given away as souvenirs.

The Annual Circle Tour

When summer arrives, it is a time to enjoy a great opportunity to be around fellow enthusiasts of old vehicles. The Annual Circle Tour brings a taste of outstanding classic automobiles combined with the knowledge of the most experienced members of this authentic car club. The event will be on its 43th edition this year (2018), and it is set up to happen in August at the Wild Rose Coop Recreation Centre in Sedgewick, Alberta. The theme will be ‘’Hobo’’ and it is expected to be a great attraction to classic automobile fans as always.

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