Not All Mechanic Shops Are Created Equally

Mechanic shops are just like anything else, be it restaurants or barbers or schools. Some just are not run at the same standard that others are and that is something to keep in mind when you are looking around for a reliable place to get work done on your vehicle. Booking your car or truck in with a regular mechanic is not the same as booking with a shop that specializes in working specifically on your type of vehicle. When it comes to getting quality service and trusted professionalism, it is always better to go to a shop with certified technicians that have extensive experience on working on that particular type of vehicle. 

When you have auto repairs that need to be dealt with, it is often tempting to take your vehicle in to the first mechanic you come across. On the surface, an automotive repair shop needs to have three things to function: a licensed mechanic, tools, and customers. However, just having these three things does not mean that a repair shop will meet your expectations and serve your needs. A regular mechanic, for example, may not have the experience or training necessary to do the best work on your vehicle. Some shops may lack the tools needed in order to correctly do the repairs that are required. It is always a better choice to book in with a shop that deals exclusively with your type of vehicle to ensure that you will be getting work done at a level that other mechanic shops can’t offer. These are some things that we here at XL Mechanical Service Ltd. can provide for those in the Red Deer area and across Central Alberta who own Cummins diesel trucks, because we are Alberta’s oldest repair shop that specializes in them.

With over thirty-six years of diesel engine repair under our belts, it is safe to say we know our way around Cummins engines. Unlike regular repair shops, we specialize exclusively in B and ISB series Cummins engines. All our mechanics are factory trained and are Cummins Western Canada certified. We tackle all engine, fuel system, and electronic repairs by using specific diagnostics equipment and tools to ensure we get the job done right the first time. What is more, we also have a great deal of experience in other major repairs on these trucks such as steering, brakes, and transmissions. With our knowledge and expertise, we are far more qualified to work on Dodge diesel trucks than any other auto repair shop out there.

When it comes to your truck, do not settle for a regular mechanic when you can get the services of technicians who are trained specifically for Dodge diesel repairs. XL Mechanical Service Ltd. has been servicing central Alberta diesel owners for more than three decades and we are still going strong. We offer unparalleled experience and service to ensure that all trucks brought to us are up, running and back on the roads as soon as possible. If you have a Cummins diesel truck that needs some work, do not hesitate to give us a call.